Jack Arthur

Age: 27
Birthday: January 21
Birthplace: Rochester, New York
Occupation: police detective


Jack Arthur is a highly confident young detective, formerly with the Brooklyn Police Department, but now an integral part of the Westbury village police. Jack can come off as egotistical, but he is actually very passionate about his job. Jack was inspired to become a civil servant when, as a child, he was injured and helped by an older Mexican girl.

Months before, Jack's ex-girlfriend was unexpectedly shot by a vagrant, which was assumed to be part of Pinhead Miyamoto's detective rampage. For his safety, Jack was transfered to Westbury, which was considered to be low-risk at the time. Jack still holds a lot of guilt regarding his ex-girlfriend's shooting, even though it was an unfortunate coincidence.

Cora "Estallido" Guavarez

Age: 30
Birthday: March 7
Birthplace: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Occupation: hired gun

Cora Estallido, as she is known in the mafia world, is a top quality assassin. The careful, calm attitude she had since she was a child appealed to mob leader Clay Emmett, who begun to mentor her, and even paid for her siblings' education. Regardless, Cora is a very sensitive and introspective person. In spite of her capabilties with guns, she has not received any sort of trauma councelling. She tries to maintain a distance from the Emmett Group.

Cora's immediate family had an unclear affiliation with a mob in Northern Mexico, which led to her parents and siblings escaping into America. When her family was split up during the escape, she met a young American boy who got injured via some barbed wire. Cora carried him to safety, later finding out that taking that walk likely saved her and her siblings' lives.

Iwao "Pinhead" Miyamoto

Age: 36
Birthday: July 27
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Occupation: leader of Miyamoto-Emmett Group

Iwao Miyamoto is the adopted son of late criminal underworld figurehead Clay Emmett. He presently manages his father's estate and business endeavors. Most importantly in his mind, he is out to avenge Clay Emmett's accidental death. Since he was murdered by a police detective, Iwao has begun to murder any police detective he finds until the New York State Police release the murderer's full name. Iwao is a brutal, unflinching mob leader, but refuses to harm women or children.

Iwao has had a tremendously troubled life. His biological parents were murdered by a rival clan on his 6th birthday, first killed a man in self-defense when he was 17, and struggled with cocaine addiction in his late 20s. Having to cope with his father's murder is slowly pushing him away from self control.

Dr. Edward Byrd

Age: 41
Birthday: June 27
Birthplace: Poughkeepsie, New York
Occupation: police detective, forensic investigator

Dr. Byrd is a trusted figure with the Westbury village police. He has decades of experience with detective work, forensics, and mechanical tinkering. Dr. Byrd is good-natured and personable, being very professional and polite to most suspects, but he will not stand for being mocked.

Byrd is extremely protective of his daughter, Becky. He is also romantically interested in his informant, Officer Roger Mezzini.

Becky Byrd

Age: 9
Birthday: June 27
Birthplace: Soho, New York City, New York

Becky is Dr. Byrd's daughter, a very reserved and aloof 4th grade student. She likes to hang around her father's offices and is good friends with Mara, but distrusts Jack. She often carries around a white teddy bear, which actually contains a pager and communicative device that connects directly to her father's office.

Something that nobody, beside a select few of Byrd's colleagues, are aware of is that Becky was adopted. In fact, Dr. Byrd found an infant Becky in the same location as a murder-suicide in New York City. When no surviving kin could be contacted, Byrd immediately adopted Becky in hopes of protecting her.

Mara Wright

Age: 21
Birthday: May 10
Birthplace: Westbury, New York
Occupation: secretary, mechanic

Mara is Dr. Byrd's assistant and protege, assisting with anything from notetaking, answering phones, and mechanic repair. She is a plucky tomboy who looks up to Jack, and hopes to one day become a private investigator.

Emma Bishop

Age: 31
Birthday: June 15
Birthplace: Westbury, New York
Occupation: restaurant owner

Emma is the hardnosed owner and manager of local restaurant The Sunset Grill. The business was originally started by her father, who was also friends with Clay Emmett, and Emma maintains The Sunset Grill's tradition as a mob safe zone. She has an open distrust of the police, not just because of her association with the Miyamoto-Emmett Group.

Emma has also begun an intimate relationship with Pinhead Miyamoto. She is, for the time being, completely unaware that Pinhead is polyamorous and not just interested in her.

Robin Bishop

Age: 9
Birthday: October 25
Birthplace: Westbury, New York

Robin is Emma Bishop's nephew and a big fan of Pinhead's. He is fascinated by the mafia, reading gangster comics and pretending to be in a gang himself. He hates his father for "abandoning" him, and now sees Pinhead as his new father figure. Robin also has a crush on Becky Byrd that he is not sure how to cope with.